Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm "frantically" trying to get us ready for our annual epic road-trip, and so of course it feels like the perfect time to update the blog :) This year we've made a big addition to the trip in that I was able to procure a cargo carrier for the top, piece by piece, via craigslist and ebay. I'm hoping that this will be a huge improvement to shoving every free spot full of our various accoutrements. *hoping* It's used though, so it's one of the old school ones and stands a good three feet above the car, basically ensuring that at some point I will drive under one of those "Clearance 9'" signs and shear it off. Another "improvement" I've made is that I made a bigger deal about buying snacks ahead of time and I've forbidden C from stepping foot in a gas station on the way. That one backfired already, after I totaled the grocery bill and found that I've invested about $100 in road snacks. Seriously. Maybe we'll be too full for actual food?

You guys cracked me up with your comments from the last post! A few responses:  I would counter that I still hold eating crap as grosser than eating vomit, (brace yourself) because vomit has already been in your mouth  whereas feces was somewhere else entirely. My opinion on penile insertion? First, for the uninitiated, penile insertion is when men stick foreign objects in their, well, in their penile. I've seen, well not SEEN but heard about paperclips, pen fillers, paper, staples, and occasionally bits of chicken bone. This one falls into Not Crazy to me, because I just can't see how crazy people would thing that was a good idea. Also, it's never "discovered" that they've stuck something in there, but rather they announce it to anyone who will listen. Talk about conversations you never thought you'd have. This is also one of the few areas where women don't do anything similar. I remember one woman who used to stick sharp things in her belly, but those were "discovered" so fully in the Crazy category.

And speaking of crazy, I've been watching/reading a lot about the shooting in Aurora. First, I may never go to a movie theatre again. I have no idea how I would react in such a crazy situation (except that I'm certain that neither C or I would put the baby down and run). It's a horrible, senseless tragedy and my heart goes out to everyone who was affected. I'll be interested to watch the trial, and I'm hoping that James Holmes starts talking soon so we'll have a better idea of what the hell he was thinking. I have some thoughts, but I think I want to put more thought into it before I put it out there in the world. For now, based on footage of the arraignment, I think that he's on a whole lot of medication in the jail. I also don't buy the whole "I'm Joker" thing. My guess is that it was a smart-ass comment that made a great media soundbite.

And on a lighter note, I'm still running, but I have no idea whatsoever how far I'm going. I downloaded one GPS program on my phone and was using that. It was consistent but I began to suspect that it was a bit generous. Not much, but telling me that I was doing an 8 minute mile when it was probably more like 10. So that made me question my mileage. On the recommendation of a friend, I downloaded another program so I could cross-check the first one. I had my best run ever, 12 miles in 48 minutes. Seriously. Then I stopped and bench-pressed my car. So I downloaded ANOTHER GPS, and this one tells me that I was doing a 7 minute mile. While I was walking. I'm so frustrated! Also, a little freaked out because I registered for a 10K the day I ran 5.5 miles. Which in hindsight was probably more like 2.5 to everyone in the world except me and my stupid phone.It may be a looooong race.

Okay, back to packing. I guess my family will probably want underwear at some point during this trip, so I should get on it.  


  1. You have to be wearing it on your person to get an accurate read. My phone is bogus, but when I clip my Nano to my waistband (I have no pride), I get an reliable count.

    But your snacks will be way healthier than gas station snacks!

    We are also going on an epic road trip-- we need to compare notes

  2. How did the actual trip go, better than expected? We have an old Yakima that my stepdad gave us and love it for long trips. I want a picture of yours. Bet mine is older :-) Whenever I hear crazy things like this I want your opinion, so I am waiting anxiously for your synopsis.