Sunday, July 1, 2012


My DAD sent this to me. If you knew him, that would further illustrate just how accurate this must be

We spent a long weekend at my dad's house, and it was lovely. Eli had a fabulous time on his own with Coach and Auntie J. They had all kinds of adventures and his new favorite food is grilled salmon with corn and edamame succotash. I think they were all a little sad to see us drive up. In fact, Eli asked if he could stay there until March. The schools are good there...

We had a good time, though it was way too short. We saw Brave at a drive-in. So much fun! We used to go to the drive-in every weekend when I was a kid and it was so fun to bundle the kids up and share that with them. We hung out on the beach and Sydney insisted on "sitting in the ocean." I got to flaunt my awesome new swimming suit that covers all the wobbly bits and turns "Mom" into "Wow" (how cheesy was that!). We found a fabulous little swimming pool, where not only was Eli not paralyzed with fear but he actually swam for a second. It was awesome, but this new love of the water meant that I have a lovely shoulders-up burn and my book remains unread. I even managed to stay up on my training and ran 4 miles, which both impressed and shamed my entire fitness-focused (aka not the Chiconky) family. It was awesome and much needed.

But oh, dear God. Driving home today? If I'd seen you at the truck stop off the 5, after hour 6, there would've been a good chance I would've dove in your car screaming "DRIVE!" It. Was. Awful. Eli's feet stunk. The poor dog is so old and sore that she has to be lifted in and out, and then needs at least 15 minutes to do her business. Sydney whines. A lot. 

I have never been happier to see my street. We literally leapt out of the car and retreated to our various corners. C, bless his heart, had the forethought to cook dinner so we're all feeling a bit better now, but I am very, very worried about our upcoming vacation. You know, the one that starts with a 17 hour car trip? If you see a woman sobbing on the side of the road while her family sits in a car nearby screaming or staring blankly at various electronic devices, stop and say "Hi." If I dive in your care and yell "DRIVE!" I'll buy the first round when we stop for gas.  


  1. OMG-- we are also driving 18 hours on vacation. We can compare notes!

  2. OMG!!!! I feel your pain!!!! Never want to do a long drive with littles again! I think airplanes should be required by law to give half off tickets to parents with small is a safety concern making them drive.

    Btw your 4 miles had the same affect on me. Guess who went for her first SD run?