Friday, October 19, 2012


Today is the "BIG" ultrasound and because this pregnancy is the pregnancy where I lost all ability to be logical, rational, or reasonable (and had better access to the internet) I have come up with about eleventy million things that could go wrong. Enough that finding out who's going to tip the gender balance in the house is an afterthought. Gah! I know I'm crazy, and yet I just can't stop. I googled "Bad news at 20 week ultrasound" for God's sake (DON'T DO THAT! EVER EVER EVER!). Because I'm insane. For example, there is a large part of me that reasons that if I put this on the internet then everything will be just fine because of course that's the way it works.

On top of that, we may be in the final stages of buying a house. Our inspection is today, right before the ultrasound. It was a moment of really beautiful scheduling and perfectly exemplifies how C and I operate in the world. So C is going to meet the inspector while I meet the babysitter, and then we're both going to haul ass to the ultrasound. Afterwards we're grabbing take-and-bake, rushing home, shoveling food in our mouths, and rushing to the "Harvest Carnival (costumes welcome!)" at Eli's school. Which I am so unbelievably excited for (*sarcasm*).

This may be the longest day, ever. I know, logically, that most likely it will be great and my money right now is on girl baby (although I FINALLY had a baby dream last night and it was clearly a boy. With an accent and diabolical intentions.)  The house inspection should also be fine and this house is just so, so pretty. If everything is good, I'm rewarding myself with a can of turquoise paint (for the kitchen) and something pink and frilly (or striped and masculine) for the baby. And if the baby in fact does have no legs, I'll splurge on some cute nightgowns.

Stay tuned...

Edited to add this awesome exchange:

C: What are you doing?
Me: Writing a blog about how crazy I am.
C: Wow. That must be really long. 


  1. I wish you only the best news on both fronts and can't wait for an update!!

  2. Sending love and prayers and every ounce of positive jou-jou I can muster! :)

  3. OH my goodness - YOU ACTUALLY GOOGLED that?? You crack me up!! So glad to read the next post and that all is well and it's a baby girl! So excited for you and the house as well. What a great time for you all :)

  4. Lol. Reading about your crazy is cathartic for me. Thanks for the honesty and humor!