Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weirdest baby advice ever

People have had varying reactions to this baby, I think in part because most of the people I interact with are co-workers. Most of course eventually come around to excitement. My boss simply cannot wait until I'm enormous, and loves to talk babies. My guy co-workers are loving all the weird pregnancy symptoms like the superhuman sense of smell and increased startle reflex. The officers seem to have adopted me as a little sister and keep hugging me. I'm enjoying everyone saying, "Is this your first?" and then acting shocked when I tell them that this will be number 3. And most say that the kids' timing is perfect.

So today a woman I work with, who I haven't seen in about a month, gave me a belated congratulations. And she asked about the other kids, their ages, etc. She started down the "perfect age" path when she heard that Eli was six. We were laughing about how Syd might have a hard time not being the baby anymore. And then she said, "Just don't leave them alone together!" I laughed because, really, what's the appropriate response? And she grabbed my arm and repeated, quite seriously, "No, really. Don't leave them alone together. She's going to have a hard time for awhile." WTF?

Although, last night I had to tell her that she couldn't hit her brother with a stick and she asked, "Well, what can I do with it then?"

What's the weirdest advice you ever got? And have you ever worried about fratricide? Because honestly, never crossed my mind before.


  1. I have got nothin', my friend, nothin'. Although my mother claims that when I was five and my sister was two she walked in on my sister dangling by her neck between the wall and my top bunk while I happily played ignoring her near death, strangling position. I am quite certain it was less intentional and more just glad she was unable to touch my things like that...

  2. My word, people are soooooo weird when it comes to giving advice to pregnant women. I was still working when pregnant with Hazel and eating a bagel at my desk when a coworker came by and said - Better enjoy that now cause you can't have any carbs when you need to lose that baby weight!

    I'm fully convinced that unless you do/did EXACTLY what the other person dispensing advice did, then they will try to convince you otherwise...

  3. How did I miss this announcement? Congratulations!!

    People give weird advice. Brothers are rough on each other, but you'll have two girls, so maybe you'll be ok?