Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Today was long. And hard. And sucky. It started with the realization that I did not escape the cold that everyone at work seems to have. Then I locked my keys in my car and spend the morning running back and forth to the parking lot trying to get it unlocked (which takes about 20 minutes and a half-mile of walking each way.) I had to beg a diabetic snack from our nursing staff because of my stupid diet, since all my food was locked in my car. The c*ckblocker struck, yet again, and took a job that I'd been offered since "You'll be going out soon and it just makes more sense to train someone who's not going to be leaving in six weeks", taking with him my chance at not having to work weekends. And yes, I know that this is coming very close to discrimination and I'm still deciding what to do about it. By the time I got home, I was sick, and tired, and as soon as I saw C in the driveway I burst into tears. I'd emailed him the cliff notes, and my wonderful husband met me outside so that I would have a chance to recoup before I went in and loved on the babies.

But then I came in the house and cuddled with Sydney. Eli met me wearing his favorite cowboy shirt and talking excitedly about the football game that he and C are going to this weekend. C cooked dinner (tacos!) while I ran to pick up a nightstand he bought to refinish. The lady who sold me the nightstand ended up selling me another six pieces of nice furniture that she'd intended to refinish for WAY below what you'd expect to pay. C is thrilled to have all these new projects. So thrilled that it's 9:15 and he's out in the garage sanding. I'm catching up on blogs, watching girly television, and Baby Waldo is turning backflips. Tomorrow Syd goes to gymnastics class (and hopefully I'm not sick so I can go too!) and Friday is my 32 week appointment and hopefully we'll set Baby Waldo's birthday.

I (mostly) love my job, but sometimes it's nice to be reminded that I work to live, not live to work.


  1. I really hope you do pursue it, cause that sounds very much like discrimination to me. Maternity leave is not a reason for another person to get a position instead of you. Ugh on the rest of the day. Hope you took before pictures on C's project.

  2. I just am loving that second paragraph. The first one can suck it.

    And how can you be at 32 weeks?! That went by quick! (For me, I mean.) :)

  3. I agree, it doesn't seem right that someone else get a position because you will be on maternity leave. At the very least I would try and lobby for a "reassessment of the position" once you return.

    It sucks to have bad days like that but amazing how great a wonderful husband and kiddos can help turn it around!

  4. So glad your family takes great care of you! Sorry about the earlier workday stuff. I hate days like that.

  5. Wha? That maternity leave stuff is bullshit. glad your fam turned it around.