Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Elastic pants or meth

I've decided that these are my two options. I was trucking along on the baby weight and had gotten to within 15 pounds of my goal (side note, I lost NO weight after Avery was born. Not even her 7 pounds. WTF?) Then I decided to buy a freaking house and gained five back. Still, I was pretty zen about it, figuring I'd drop more when I stopped nursing and started running more. And yet, nope. In fact, I've gained two pounds and developed an insane cookie craving. I am seriously two weeks away from joking WW. Or a drug ring.

Has anyone had this experience? After Avery, my body is all screwed up. I've developed allergies, my skin is wacko, and I can't eat bread anymore. And not that it was easy to lose the weight before, but now it almost seems like a counter effort (diet = weight gain).

So if you see me in a back alley, offer me a cookie and some stretchy pants, for the sake of the children.


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  2. Hey! That sounds like me after my third! Although, in my case, two years later I found out I had celiac disease. Now that I've got that under control -- I still look 5 months pregnant. I'm ready to join WW (says the girl currently chowing down an entire box of Hot Tamales candy while the kid takes a bath).