Friday, October 4, 2013

Little people

I've been trying to spend some one-on-one time with each of the kids and it has been SO MUCH FUN. Eli took me out for frozen yogurt (pumpkin, OMG). I hardly ever get a chance to hang out just with him. He's such a sweet, quirky kid. Today Syd and I went to lunch and then watched a movie while the boys were out. I let her eat popcorn and Popsicles for dinner and we were in pajamas by 6:30. Avery took a very rare nap on my chest, which I paid for dearly with a not-sleeping night, but it was oh so worth it.

I feel very busy lately, and in good working mom style have felt crappy about leaving the kids (with their awesome and capable dad). It's been awesome to spend a couple hours with each of them. And tomorrow I'm taking all three to the zoo in hopes that C will unpack while I'm gone!

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  1. What sweet kids! Avery is looking so grown up. Chest naps are worth whatever they cost! So cozy.