Friday, October 18, 2013

Mama Bear

Eli's teacher told him yesterday, "You're lucky you're not my kid." I'm gonna go kick some ass today.
Update: Eli got in trouble for kicking a kid during a game of Mercy. We were on board with him being punished, until it started to sound like she was going for suspension and bristled when we said that we wanted to be involved if/when the punishment was decided. Which led to the "lucky" comment.. We met with the principal, who later brought the teacher in. This has been an ongoing thing, where she complains about Eli's behavior as though it's disastrous, then makes these saccharin coated insults, like telling Eli she COULD suspend him but decided not to because she's so nice. So she denied saying the things C HEARD HER SAY, and said she saw nothing wrong with calling Eli a bully, but we were able to voice our concerns and the principal didn't completely dismiss us. We've agreed that all future communication will be done via email, away from Eli, with the principal cc'ed. She grudgingly agreed to lay off the bully talk and threatening to suspend our kid. I am very tempted to put him in a local private school (on site chef! Monthly field trips! Small classes!) but he says that he loves this teacher. I'd hate to pull him if he is in fact having a good experience (though I wonder). I, on the other hand, sort of wanted to punch her in the face. A lot.


  1. OMG. Good for you for sticking up for him. That is infuriating!! Hope he really is enjoying her class and that things improve! School issues are so stressful.