Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just keep running...

Almost a year ago, a friend and I decided to sign up for a half-marathon. A really expensive half-marathon that required travel and planning and so on. We figured it was just the motivation that we needed to get our butts in gear and get back into shape.

OMG. Training for a half-marathon is hard. And it takes a lot of time. I was really into it for awhile. Then, not so much. Then I realized that this race is soon, like very soon, and AHHHHH!!!!! So ass, back in gear.

I had lofty goals of running the whole thing, but I've found that my body and my brain are much happier with the run/walk approach. A part of me wants to feel bad about that but the other part figures that miles are miles are miles. I did almost 9 miles last weekend in under two hours, so I've decided that my approach is absolutely acceptable. Dude. I ran/walked almost 9 miles. All at the same time. I'm shamelessly announcing that to anyone that will listen. And believe it or not, it was fun! I love the technical stuff. I fueled. I preloaded. I tracked my pace and my splits. When I ran back up to the house I felt like I could actually call myself a runner.

The race is in two weeks. There will be three of us running/run/walking and it's going to be super fun. Or not. But probably super fun. A couple of weeks ago I started to get really burnt out on running and kept telling myself that I was never going to do this stupid sport again. Every foot was torture, and I found a lot of excuses to bail. At some point though, it got easier again. Thank God.

I like running. I don't like running to train for a half-marathon, but I love running. There's something very quiet and meditative, and I love that I can literally just walk out my door. So in that spirit of run-loving, I made a New Year's resolution to earn 10 race t-shirts this year. I specifically chose t-shirts because 1) I LOVE "free" t-shirts and 2) you get a t-shirt at every distance (generally only 10K+ get medals). Races are such a good time. Runners are awesome and super nice, there's a ton of swag, and everyone is so happy to be there. It's such a fun way to spend a morning. I chose ten because it feels both doable and affordable, and there's some cushion built in for travel/holidays/not finding a good race in time. I worried that I'd have to scrounge for ten but I've already found two more that I want to do as soon as possible :)

Tomorrow I have to do 5 miles, and then Saturday I have to do 10. God help me. And let me remember to go back and read this post when I want to shuck it all and watch Auction Kings on Prime.


  1. you go girl. SO much love and respect that you can run, and it's even better that you love it!!! Blog every t-shirt. I will be waiting:)Hugs!

  2. PS. Love that you can just leave and run outside in that nice CALI weather. Notsomuch in MN.

  3. This just popped up in my feed. Wasn't there yesterday? This training is killing my love of running. I have had 3 painful runs & am feeling so delflated. I think the run walk counts, especially if it means still taking joy in running. We are going to do this! And if will be awesome!