Sunday, August 31, 2014


Poor Strawberry Shortcake! She survives 30 years and four little girls, just to have her foot bit off by a pit bull. And I was totally willing to toss her, except as she was poised over the garbage Avery came around the corner, snatched her from me, ran to the corner, and said, "Shhh Baby." So of course now I'm contemplating a doll hospital...

This freaking dog is really helping me conquer all of my hoarder tendencies. He's also helping me update my shoe collection. I just spent far too much on dog toys, so hopefully we'll be spared for a few days.

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  1. Poor Strawberry Shortcake. Maybe I still have one of her friends who could donate a leg. I'm glad she was rescued from the trash. Remember the "horror" of Debbie MaDonna? Although handicapped, she went on to live a full life.