Friday, August 1, 2014

This dog

I've become that obnoxious, "Want to see a picture of my dog?!" person. This dog. He barks and ate my Uggs and has the worst gas ever. But he also climbs in your lap, smiles, and tolerates the baby mauling him.
It's definitely weird to have a dog again, especially after Haley who was so amazingly unassassuming. Atticus is much more a puppy and in need of more attention. He can be naughty too, snatching up toys/spoons/wash clothes/etc and hiding them in his crate.

He's getting great on our runs (unless we see a bird). I'm thinking about getting him a weighted backpack because the three miles every. freaking. morning. is NBD. 

I think we've settled on him being part boxer and part pit bull. I am eating crow about all the things I thought about pit bulls. I've never seen a dog who's more inherently gentle and tolerant with kids. Still working on doggy manners, but that will come, I'm sure.

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