Thursday, August 14, 2014

Radio silence and the power of suggestion

I was doing so well for a minute! I was posting regularly, with pictures and cute anecdotes and all that good blogger stuff. Alas...
I started my new job (same place, different unit) and the learning curve is steep. I love learning a new program, but we're under a lot of scrutiny and pressure right now so there's not much room for, "I'm new here." Whenever people ask how I'm doing, I say "Busy (OMG am I busy) but nothing's caught fire yet so we're good!" So of course today an inmate tried to set himself on fire by sticking a paper lip into a light fixture. 

Eli started school today, at yet another school. This kid's a trooper! We're optimistic about this program, but really, after last year anything would look like an improvement. His school list this year had a chapter book for his desk, which cinched the deal for Eli. That's been a "special accommodation" before and now he gets one all the time. Big. Deal.

On top of all that, which is admittedly "good stress" we've also had a "bad stress" situation that I can't write about and has been using a lot of mental energy. It's a perfect storm and I'm so grateful for running and Trader Joe's freezer section because those are the only two things getting me through right now. 

I also think I'm going to plan a mini vacation. If I don't, I suspect that I will get drop-dead sick in about a month (right after a certification audit that no prison has managed to pass yet.) Right now nothing sounds better than kicking back on a porch with a cold beer and a mindless book.

*One* All I asked for was one decent first day of school picture. I didn't even use the freaking chalkboard.

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  1. I love ALL THREE of those-- and the first one, too. That kid has personality!