Sunday, September 21, 2014


This one was with the whole family, so it was equal parts walking, dragging, pushing, and carrying with brief bursts of jogging. We all wore costumes (including C in in appropriately short shorts!) which was awesome. 
Eli grew weary of our pace after the first mile and ran ahead. At each aid station someone would tell us, " I saw your son. He told us, 'Don't worry! I'm not an orphan!'" I sprinted to catch up with him so we could cross the finish line together. I think he's caught the bug :)
Syd was less enthused, but she rallied at the end. And Averson was her usual good-natured perfect baby self.
This was really fun to do together. The course was boring, but the people-watching made up for it. There were some really fun ones including Rainbow Brite and an Iron Maiden. There wasn't much by way of swag either (and that's a big draw for me. I'm a sucker for a free pen) but I'm still thinking about doing the 8 mile next year.

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