Friday, September 12, 2014

Silver, snotty lining

I HATE being sick. It's also maybe one of the worst possible times for me to miss multiple days of work. However, I just have an impassioned speech to my staff about priorities and self-care and boundaries so going in sick would have been poor show. Luckily I can remote in so I've been able to get work done between naps. Interestingly, I've probably been more productive this way. We'll see about quality later.

One of the upsides of being home has been seeing C and the kids' routines. I feel very "Stranger in a Strange Land." There are more dance parties than I would have expected. Breakfast is a BIG DEAL. There is mandatory quiet/book/video game/nap time. Today Syd came home from preschool and recreated the daily homework battle between C and Eli. "Ugh! It's not neat! Now I guess you want me to redo the whole thing!" C obliged by raising his voice and not laughing. Averson runs the place while the bigs are gone. Atticus is a totally well behaved dog until 3:00. WTF? I sort of love it all. It's also very much, "Your husband stays home? What's that like?"

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