Sunday, September 14, 2014

My legacy

As I was making lunches out of the last few, pre-shopping dredges of our fridge tonight, it dawned on me that someday my children will mock me by saying, "Mom! But where's the protein?!" That's my thing. I cannot stand an off balance meal and I will sing the praises of a good protein (that's what she said!). I refuse to let my kids eat a mere waffle for breakfast. There has to be more! 
So, train of thought, that got me thinking about my mom. My mom builds a mean plate, and she would rather serve slop than to serve an "all white" meal (eg chicken, rice, and potatoes.) Her other thing was tin cans in the fridge. She'd yell "botulism!" We didn't know what it was, but we didn't want it. Now my siblings and I yell, "Botulism!" anytime it's remotely relevant.
Follow the train...
So all of this made me curious what other people's things are. What will your children use to mock you? And what do you know about botulism?
Meatballs, cheese, and figs. Sad, but full of protein!

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  1. We never got botulism. Sometimes it makes me cringe to think about what may be my legacy. They called him Sam. I hope you warmed up the meatballs. I knew it was time to go shopping the day we made Spam linguini. Love you.