Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This was a 10k trail run and It. Was. Awesome. I'd never been to the little town it was in, and certainly hadn't ever been on the trail. However, my friend and I grabbed coffees and made the 45 minute trek with the following dialogue: "Hey! Wasn't this area closed yesterday?" "Yes, but that sniper they were looking for out here two days ago got caught." "Yes, I'm sure." "Pretty sure." "Wait, let me Google it real quick." "Okay, were good. Let's go!" "Oh crap. These people look like real runners." "Shit, they're warming up and stuff. They've got gear. Crap! What have we done?!"

Despite our fear of a) looking like idiots and b) possibly getting murdered we soldiered on. It started out foggy and cool, and the trail was gorgeous. And it just kept getting better! This race was full of legit trail runners and I was definitely bush league. We started at the complete back, and one by one passed several people (whispering to each other each time.) We ended up finishing right in the middle, which is completely acceptable to me. I loved this race and it's absolutely on my list of "do again" races.
So fun!

Finish line pizza and cookies

Terrible shot, but I'm a creature of habit :)

Not so awesome is that my tweaked knee from the half started to act up again, and after the race got so bad that it hurt to walk at all. I've self-diagnosed it as my IT band from running on the banked roads. I've still got two races to do this year, and I will crawl them if I have to. Last time I just rested it and for the most part felt great, until I tried to run again. This time I'm going to work on active recovery and strengthening. I think I'm done with long (10k+) races for the year, so hopefully I can baby it enough to not take myself out of the running (ha!)