Saturday, November 1, 2014


One of the top fives for sure! The kids' costumes came out great, no one was whiny, there was a surprise googly eyed cake, and I ended up drinking more wine than I meant to. And I was gifted both a schmancy coffee maker and an apple master. 34 is off to a good start!
So fun!
Pizza box, Cowgirl Princess, and Baby Tiger

Trick or treating

Averson loved trick-or-treating! She wasn't so into the candy part, but she loved saying, "Thank you!" and then, "Bye!" In fact, she loved saying goodbye so much that it often turned into an awkward standoff because no one wanted to shut the door in a toddler's face. Totally adorable and it reminded me of Eli trick or treating and giving candy to the people who opened their doors.
Schmanvy coffee maker. V exciting and officially making me a two-coffee-pot person.


  1. Omg. I totally shut the door on 2 toddlers after a brief awkward pause. Should be a social experiment.

  2. Happy Birthday! Halloween was really fun this year at our house too. The volume of wine didn't hurt in our case either.