Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not Dora!

Ack! I totally forgot to post about Syd's hair. She had a salon appointment for a trim, and at the last minute decided that she wanted it, "short, like yours!" Honestly, it was the end of a long day and I had no negotiation left in me, so after double-checking with C I told my stylist to do whatever Syd/Nina asked for. Guys, she saw the first cut and sweetly, quietly said, "Can it be a little shorter please?"

So when it's all said and done we head home to show off the new look. We walk in and a visible relief washes over C's face. Later he told me, "I was so worried she was going to look like Dora!" 
Not Dora, but very spunky Nina


  1. Adorable!!!! She looks even more like you now!!!

  2. Very cute, Nina. New name, new look.