Friday, December 12, 2014

Catching up

We had the "storm of the decade" and it was underwhelming. I also screwed up chicken noodle soup epically. It was so gross.

I took a spontaneous day off this week. The girls and I hit up the Walmart, then story time, and then picked our Christmas tree in about 2.4 seconds. Basically I walked up to the kid and asked what he had for under $50. 
Turned out $50 will buy you a pretty big ass tree. Is it just me, or are the sparser trees more popular this year? The couple I've seen, I like a lot.

We went out to dinner tonight. A marching band came through and we were stuck between the tubas and the drums. Pretty sure it was the most relaxing part of the evening.
Averson's been wearing that tiger costume as a coat. The preschool moms think C is a genius.
We're off to holiday the f out of this weekend. There's a craft bazaar tomorrow (squee!) and Syd gets to wear her Christmas dress twice. OMG.

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  1. That IS a big ass tree. Looks like a perfect girl day. Sweet pictures. They look so grown-up. Love you all.