Saturday, December 20, 2014


I did it!! I actually saw a resolution all the way through! Last time this happened I was eight and had vowed not to watch Murder, She Wrote. 
This was not a speed race. This was 2,600 people dressed like Santa. I'm totally making the whole family do it next year (in costume, of course) and there *may* be Jell-O shots. It was SO FUN!

Finished! They gave us cookies and milk at the end of the race. And whole boxes of protein bars which was kind of random.
Cali kids so excited to see "snow"


  1. Congratulations on the run AND your resolution! Your look adorable. I don't think your life was less full for quitting Murder, She Wrote cold turkey. How many next year? You do rock - no question.

  2. you go girl!! so proud of you!! good job!!