Sunday, May 3, 2015

I'm still here! And apparently very old

Holy cow! I don't remember the last time I went almost a month without posting. I think even I got tired of the complaining about work. Not much has changed, but I've been able to do some cool stuff at the school I teach at. I was asked to help proctor advancements, which is basically the last step before the students can provide therapy. I've known this cohort since they started and it was so fun to see them reach this milestone. They were so nervous, and then so relieved when they passed! I'm teaching an extra class next term and even though it's busy, I'm looking forward to a change in scenery.

We also took a ten day road trip to Colorado to meet my teeny tiny new niece and to see my sister-in-law get married. It was awesome, although both the drive down and the drive back were a lot longer than we anticipated. The drive down we're still not sure why, but on the drive back we blew a tire. After changing a tire in the middle of the night on the side of the freeway (no pictures because I was scream-into-the-darkness mad), we crawled to a no-tell motel in BFE nowhere and waited for the tire shop to open. Then we found out that the crazy people who owned our car before us put the wrong size tire on. So my souvenir from the trip was a new set of radials.

Happier times
This dog. He's like a needy toddler. He's at his happiest when we're all confined in a small space together.

These guys. They can't ride to the grocery store in peace, but 17 hours in the backseat together is all grins and giggles.

Baby Ayla! She came just in time! She's three days old here and absolutely, unbelievably perfect :)
It's okay. You can totally hate her for looking so cute, and clean, three days after nearly having a baby in a parking lot

Who is that kid holding that tiny baby? When did that happen?
I loaded this picture several times into, until it stopped saying I was in my 50s. Creepy side-note. It NEVER read Sydney. How weird is that?
My mom and I took the kids to my undergrad college. I can't believe I haven't done that before. It was really fun to show them all my favorite places and to see how it's changed (in, OMG, 17 years. Grad school is f-ing long.) Their favorite was the library, where Syd loved these art chairs and Eli promptly plowed through a completely inappropriate graphic novel.


A multitude of wedding pictures
 In true neurotic fashion, I spent WAY too much time and energy planning and coordinating our wedding finery. As evidenced by this craptastic family photo shoot. Love that the best one prominently features the restroom sign...

Gotta love adult cousins who think it's HILARIOUS to "sneak" the baby chocolate. At one point she had about twenty unwrapped kisses in front of her.
And after
My handsome usher before
Adorable nephew Josiah! He had a pocket square :)
This one was born right after our wedding. OMG. So old.

Syd was DEVASTATED that she didn't catch the bouquet and then pounced when she realized the girl had left it behind. It now lives in a mason jar next to her bed.   


  1. AWESOME family trip pictures-- I love the polkadot dress--you look beautiful!

  2. Also, you are way nicer than we are bringing your dog. We board poor little Beatrix, but I know she would LOVE to fart on us in the car for a million hours.

  3. I LOVE THIS. I would have screamed into the darkness too. You guys all look fantastic, it was worth the effort! Also, yes, when I try to think how many years it's been since undergrad, WOAH.

    And I feel like you need to elaborate a bit more on the "had a baby in a parking lot." Sweet, adorable babies!

  4. So fun but so fast. Great pictures. I don't know how they rated the age pictures but I was happy. Love you!