Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Read this to restore your faith in humanity

We visited the grandparents on the coast for Memorial Day weekend and it was awesome. We went to the beach, ate good food, and I got to laugh with my brother a lot. Total awesome-sauce. But the highlight was Sunday night.

My dad had bought tickets for himself and my stepmom for a Bonnie Raitt concert and invited me and the kids to join him. I declined, after picturing my kids running amok amongst people who had paid real money to listen to a legit performer. As an afterthought, he mentioned that a client of his ran a local pro wrestling group and they were putting on a show the same night.

For context, Eli is OBSESSED with pro wrestling. Like, won't talk about anything else. At all. Ever. I know more about John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and The Undertaker than any middle age suburban mom should.

So we headed to this jenky pro wrestling event in a dive bar. Seriously. I wasn't even sure kids were allowed. Luckily there were a ton of kids there and it was totally family friendly. Right off the bat a man comes up to Eli and says that he has an extra ticket. Eli couldn't believe his luck and gloated while the rest of us waited in line. Then we went in and, surprise, it wasn't crowded. We took up a whole second row. We were so close that a couple wrestlers almost landed on us.

I was worried that Eli would be disappointed or that the acting would be depressingly bad, but it was actually really good! Eli was in heaven. The look on his face was perfect. The wrestlers were great and the venue was so small that they were talking/heckling directly to him. I let him use all his "grown up words."

At intermission they held a few raffles. I had bought Eli a ticket since I got him in for free. The MC was building up the drawing and spotted Eli's look of awe, then declared, "You! I hope you win!" AND THEN HE DID. They crowned him King of the Ring, he was the honorary announcer, and he won a token good for "Any seat, any show." You guys, he couldn't have beamed more if he tried. In the midst of it, Sydney started chanting his name and the crowd joined in.

The more I think about it, the warmer it makes my heart. Seriously, this kid needed a little boost and this was the shit. I may be the first person to tear up at a B-class pro-wrestling show featuring a former WWE superstar/porn director.

OMG. I have the worst cheering voice ever. Add that to the weird things to be self-conscious about. Try not to judge. I don't always sound like that

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