Thursday, May 14, 2015

Too long to be a Facebook status

My work day was SO long today. It was one of those days when you're blown away when you look at the clock and only ten minutes have passed. 
After work I went to Old Navy in a last ditch effort to find girls polos for Syd's Daisy uniform. 
Success! And on sale! 

I got a "standard customer service follow-up" just days after I yelped the shit out of the dealership where we bought the new car. That poor woman. Needless to say, I am not "100 percent satisfied" and the mansger will be calling me shortly.

I got home to find my poor, sad booger with a raging fever. So what I planned to be a productive evening is this instead. 
This weekend is our anniversary/Syd's birthday. C and I have a sitter for tomorrow night so I can wear heels and we can eat food by candlelight and drink out of fancy glasses. Then on Syd's birthday we've got an awesome girls' day planned.  
And a thunderstorm just rolled in.

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