Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adventure Day

(I can't get my pictures aligned right and it's driving me nuts. Forgive my wonky alignment)
We took advantage of my being off on a school day to go up to Tahoe and hike without the masses. Because they make hikes and campgrounds VERY hard to find, we managed to make a 1.5 hour drive last 3 hours (including the half hour clean up after Averson puked up all of her croissant in her carseat and had to be cut out of her shirt because long hair + vomit covered shirt = nope). When we finally found our spot, we headed up for a 5 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. I've nearly convinced myself that I want to actually backpack the trail. Maybe someday...
I counted this as "Backpacking" on MyFitnessPal, which meant 3 pieces of pizza for dinner :)
The trail was amazing! There were meadows full of wildflowers and then we ended up at a gorgeous, almost deserted lake. I say "almost" because there were a few people that wandered by, including a French man that walked five feet past me, then dove in the lake butt-nekkid. C got to see him in all his body-confident glory :)

Yay Nature!!
Avery was such a trooper! She even walked a good portion of the trail. And she LOVED the lake. It was freezing cold, but she spent a good part of the day naked or in her diaper (no spare clothes after the puke incident, so couldn't risk a wet outfit) throwing rocks in and wading up to her knees.

We all jumped in together. So cold, but so fun!

C spent most of the day fishing. This is his happy place, and if we ever win the lottery he will be doing this all day, every day. He only caught a couple little ones so no fish dinner. I finally had to drag him away as the storm clouds gathered and I realized that it was going to possibly be a very cold, very wet three miles.
This is the only picture of Atticus I uploaded, but it should be mentioned that we have found this dog's element. He was amazing! We kept him off-leash for nearly the whole trip and he was a rockstar. He stayed with us, even when we passed other people and dogs. He didn't chase animals or disappear. When C and I walked separately, he ran back and forth between us. This dog should really live with a cowboy or a hippie...
Racing the storm. Still had to stop to take a picture though, because So Pretty!


We finished the day with more SHIELD and a Costco pizza, which is pretty much the perfect evening.

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