Thursday, July 23, 2015


So Syd's on this confessing kick. Generally it's related to hygiene (I picked my nose, I touched my butt, etc.) but she's moving on to manners and ethics. Last night before bed she asked if she could say two bad words to tell me something. I told her to wait until the morning, assuming shed forget and go the f to sleep. 
This morning she stumbled into the bathroom while I was getting ready for work, adorable in her princess nightgown and bed head. She asked again if she could tell me. Then she quietly confessed, "Sometimes I say 'Motherfucker, Mother F' in my head." 

This girl. I can't even.


  1. This girl is awesome!

  2. OMGOODNESS!!! Love. That. Girl. This made me literally LOL at work!! So funny!!

  3. that other anonymous comment was me- Olivia (sorry LOL)