Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's RAINING!!!! And I'm avoiding life.

We are very drought sensitive, so I am absolutely NOT going to complain about the downpour we've had for the last four days straight. What I am going to say though is this. These people are f-ing nuts and my house is just a teensy bit too small. 

Our lake. Our gloriously full lake!
My brother and sister-in-law came to visit. We're cut from the same cloth.

Cabin fever is catching!
Eli and C are wrestling, Atticus is refereeing, and Averson's trying to shoot E with a slingshot. Typical.
A flock of turkeys sought solace in our yard this morning
We had a good hour of no rain, so we were good hosts and took everyone to the fish hatchery. We're oodles of fun!
I did end up with a hooker dress for Vegas. And 5 inch heels that I can't yet stand in. Practice...

This week Eli is going to a 4 day science camp and neither of us could chaperon. I'm desperately wanting to pull his permission slip and make him stay home. At first, I was worried about him behaving himself for that long on his own, but now I'm worried because "MY BABY!!!!" I spent today actively not thinking about that. We've also got a social worker visit this week to talk about maybemaybenotohmygodarewecrazy foster/adopting a baby. Because we're insane. And still totally on the should we/should we not fence despite this step being much closer to the end than the beginning of the process. Ack. Also spent the day actively not thinking about that.

Because I can't drop that right there and bolt I'll leave you with one last fascinating tidbit. I'm also working this month to clean out our freezers and our pantries. The amount of food that I collect is ridiculous and every so often we need a good purge. A friend of mine is sharing her family's menu with me for next month and I'm super excited about it. She plans a full month in advance, and allegedly has her budget down to around $400 (family of 5). I love the predictability of that. C, of course, does not. I'm hoping though that we can bastardize it a bit to make it work for us.

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