Thursday, March 3, 2016


I took Avery's birthday off and it was basically the best day ever. 

She asked for a "Real Unicorn" but she was pretty happy about this one too

And her Rocket! She's been obsessed and these things are literally hundreds of dollars on amazon (BTW, WTF?). I found a slightly broken one on eBay for $45 and she was thrilled! 
Birthday donuts. She went classic with the pink icing, no sprinkles. 
Lunch with her besties in matching superhero wear. I walked into the play area to break up a brawl and they turned and started alternately giggling and punching each other. 
She was on sprinkle duty, and then the Bigs joined in. This is basically a sugar-coated cake. 

She picked out the Duff pink camo cake. I'm pretty proud of it, obviously. 
This girl. This girl is pure joy. She's hilarious and smart and thoughtful. She's basically all the awesome rolled into this crazy little whirlwind. I keep asking her when she got so big and she says, "When I jumped on the trampoline." Not sure how they correlate, but she's adamant. She's witty and independent. I snapped at her tonight as she tried to stir my boiling pasta. Without missing a beat she turned around and said, "Mom! I'll be fine. Calm down!" She's more imaginative than any of the other kids have been and I regularly catch her playing with her critters or her babies with running commentary and narrative. She makes up crazy stories and is so excited when she remembers a dream. She's mischievous and creative, which I'm sure I'll loathe when she's old enough to cause criminal damage but hopefully will continue to admire. She loves to "read" and will lay in her bed with her books hours after everyone's sleep.She is unapologetically assertive and will NOT be pushed around. She also will NOT be potty trained, but that's another story for another time.

Three. It's solidly not a baby. Like I cheesily wrote on Facebook, I love this kid and she's so fun, but I am sad to say goodbye to my sweet baby. 

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  1. So sweet! Happy birthday to your big girl! I do not understand how our youngests are now big kids.