Sunday, March 6, 2016

Randomness and sequins

Yep. I was totally manic. This last week I've been dragging ass and have only made it to the gym three times, including yesterday when the kids and I had to get out of the house or else. I will suffer through a lot of things, including the weight room mid-morning on a Saturday, for two hours of childcare.

I've got to get back on it because a super-amazing, generous friend is flying another friend and I out to Vegas at the end of the month for a girls' weekend. Both of my girlfriends are gorgeous in the "regularly mistaken for 21" way, so I've got to at least take a break from the cookies for a second. Plus we have family pictures in two weeks. So, yeah. Gym and vegetables.

Speaking of Vegas, I have no idea how to "do" that. The last time I went I was 21 and I went with C and my dad. Pretty sure I wore overalls. I was talking with my friends and realized that my "party" clothes consist of boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, and now a super cute pair of flare jeans. I have an animal print work shirt if I'm feeling crazy. So I spent the morning on ThredUp looking for sequins and short and ridiculous. I think I may have succeeded... This whole social life, girlfriends thing is still a bit out of my comfort zone and there's a part of me that's desperate to cancel this trip but I'm trying to lean in. Talking with them last night, I realized that it's really important for my kids, especially my girls, to see us have these friendships and to be having fun. So really, I'm going to Vegas and wearing a teeny sparkly dress for the sake of my daughters.

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