Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Random updates

I'm three days in and kind of loving my new job a lot. It's hard and there's so much to learn, but it's also really interesting and exciting. In other news, the kids are starting school tomorrow. I feel like summer just started! I'm really unprepared and the kids lunches are already ridiculously abysmal, so we're off to a great start.

Other random updates:

C's cell phone broke a month ago (NOT waterproof, despite all advertised claims. Now it constantly vibrates, even when it's turned off.) We didn't want to pay the insurance so we were dragging our feet replacing it. Except now it's been a month and no one really misses it. We recently got a landline so that Eli could give a number to his friends and so we didn't have to worry about whether he or a sitter had a cell phone. I don't take my phone to work, so C has had it during the day. So now we're thinking, "What if we were those people who don't have cell phones?" Is that the next "thing?" We cut the cord on TV years ago. Maybe we're trendsetters?

I went on a binge and collected all these super cute notebooks/journals a while back. I'm not a journaler so I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking except that they were cute and some had inspirational sayings. Whatever the case, I have them and so now I need to come up with ways to use them. I picked one and I've started a one-sentence journal. It's an interesting exercise to try to boil your day down to one sentence while still being description beyond "It was a fine day." Its still less pressure than daily journaling though, so I feel like I actually accomplished something.

C bought a box of rocket engines at Goodwill the other day. Total impulse buy but it was "only $2!" which of course meant we then had to spend $40 on the rest of the rocket parts. He and the kids have been having so much fun with these things! I forgot how cool rockets were when I was a kid.
Last week C took the kids to a Girl Scout event commemorating National S'Mores Day and announcing the new cookies. The goal was to beat the world record for the number of s'mores being made at the same time. The record was 423 and they beat it (still has to be verified by Guinness). If you've never been to a Girl Scout event, you should totally go. It makes my organizational heart so very happy. Those ladies do not mess around. Only they could organize 500 people with fire, sticks, and marshmallows with no injuries.

 I got my tattoo! It's a little weird that it's so visible but I'm getting used to it. It makes me smile every time I see it, regardless of the situation :)

School starts this week. Syd is thrilled while Eli is notsomuch. So of course Syd's getting a cold and has a very good chance of having to miss the first day. Eli feels great though he's angling hard to wear his new faux leather jacket to school, nevermind that it's going to be 98 degrees. And Averson got into preschool! If you know me on Facebook, you know that I took my sweet ass time enrolling her, and ended up on the waitlist. The registration director was optimistic though because, as she said, "three year olds can be tricky." The school requires that kids be completely potty-trained and independent bathroom users. They also start registration several months in advance, so lots of parents assume they'll get their kids out of the pull-ups in time. I feel terrible, but I was pretty strongly wishing against someone's toileting success. Stinky wanted to go to preschool SO BAD. Today she greeted me at the door bouncing up and down that she gets to go to school! I'm sure I'll pay for it karmically later, but for today it's awesome.


  1. Too much awesome in this post over all. I LOVE the idea of getting rid of cell phones. I think my life would be genuinely better without it. Also the journaling-- a really good idea. I wonder if I could start doing this with the kids...

  2. My friend kept letter journals with her daughters, it started because she travelled a lot for work, but as they got older it was a really good way for teenage girls to talk about what they didn't know how to talk about.