Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas on the coast

For the first time since Eli was born, we spent Christmas away from home. I was worried it would be a lot of work (it was) and maybe not so fun. I was so wrong on the second count. We had awesome time.
We drove down after school on Friday. Luckily the kids had pajama day, so they were already in their copies. The drive was long after being up since 4:30, but it wasn't awful awful.
Saturday my dad had arranged for a trolley ride and a lighthouse tour. The storm passed and the weather was beautiful. The lighthouse was AMAZING and now I want to be a light keeper in a 100+ year old lighthouse. I think I could even manage the lack of indoor plumbing in exchange for the cozy rooms and beautiful woodwork. Who do I call?

Christmas was pretty perfect. I released the kids from bed at 6:30. The kid's gifts were a huge hit. The girls both got American Girl dolls (Josefina and Rebecca, if you're curious) and Eli got a scale WWE ring and a slingshot that he still can't believe he got. I got an instantpot (send recipes!). Some sleeper hits included the washi tape in Averson's stocking because she loves sticky stuff, C's Polk High t-shirt, and the MP3 we got Eli. Such a man-child. The girls, the dog, and I accidentally/awesomely took a hike in our slippers and pajamas. We lazed around the rest of the day, day drinking, watching movies, and playing with toys.

We finished off our visit with a fishing trip for the boys and a spa day for the girls. I had the most amazing facial and I left with a new shopping list of products that I "need." (Of course 2017 is also the year we end our financial dumbassery so we'll see how that goes.) The boys came home with a good haul of fish and we cooked them as soon as we got home. They must have been good because the kids ate them without comment. 

I took the week between Christmas and New Years off and we're blissfully staycating. I intentionally disengaged from work and it's been wonderful. I'm not entirely looking forward to going back, which although a bummer has provided some much needed clarity about what I want to do next. 

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