Friday, December 30, 2016

Staycation, all I ever wanted

Firstly, I want to acknowledge that a measly four days off of work feels like some life-changing event, which I think is sadly and pathetically indicative of my situation lately. We watched Storks last night with the kids (SO GOOD, and the tears!) and there's a part where one character keeps asking another, "Why do you want to be the boss?" And I got all stupidly emotional like, "I don't want to be the boss! You're right anthropomorphic bird!" Gah. Two weeks (hopefully, God help us) left until I can go back to the job I only disliked a normal amount. Also, Storks combined with a Facebook quiz (so psychometrically sound) and the realization that I was going to have to do more than wish myself fit has made me seriously consider whether we can fit another kid into the damn car. Oh! And I think we're getting another dog. Because of course we are. I do contentment so f-ing well.

BUT. My staycation has been amazing so far. We hiked. I collected a bazillion flat, round rocks for my story stones. I read an entire book in one day, which is something I'm not sure I've done since Syd was born. I played with my instantpot and didn't blow my house up. C and I had a great talk about our family goals for 2017 (Surprise! It includes not being money idiots anymore! Again!) and we've started planning our spring break road trip. I cleared the family bulletin board and hung my new "Family Organizer" ("Helping you put your family first since 1993!") I came up with a list of "Kindle Rules" for all the kids after we caught *someone* watching inappropriate youtube videos, complete with a "cheat sheet" of what parental guidance level each kid is allowed. We've watched several movies together.  Today we went to three separate animal shelters. We have seriously been under-utilizing that as an outing for our animal loving Averson. She cannot see a dog without asking to pet it and so being able to walk and see so many animals was basically her version of Disneyland. Except for the part where the enormous, mangy dogs lunged and snarled at her. That part was kind of like if It's a Small World was designed by Steven King. She recovered quickly though. We found a dog we all loved, and more importantly who matched our pre-determined name, but she won't be open for adoption until next week. C is going to stake out the place and we're all praying that Atticus doesn't eat her. Stay tuned.  

Tomorrow we are going to a family NYE party and I'm going to bring an app that I actually planned and cooked. Seriously. Shenanigans over here. I'm also researching options for becoming independently wealthy in little or no time and with little to no effort. I think I'm outside the Sugar Baby demographic, but I haven't completely eliminated the possibility.

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