Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's beginning to look minimally like Christmas (ironically picture heavy)

For the first time since we had children, we're going to be spending Christmas away from home. That, combined with the shit show that is my job right now, has resulted in some serious phoning in of holiday festivities. Seriously. My house is really quite minimally dressed for the holiday. We did no lights, no tree, no stockings. Basically I pulled a few things from the top of the box, threw in the stuff that never made it to the boxes last year, and called it a day. 
Our "tree"

I put zero effort into our wrapping paper choices either, though I do love the tacos. I feel a little bit like it might be weird? Or maybe a Trump-y FU? 

These are my favorites, so I actually did pull them out on purpose
So in response to my house being totally Bah Humbuged, and of course in typical "I'm so busy!" fashion, I have been cramming in the "Special Holiday Memories!" 

School pancakes and pajamas breakfast. They ran out of coffee, which was as tragic as it sounds. 

Living Nativity. This is always a hit and one of my favorites. 
Before the Christmas kid's show at church. I love that I have almost completely lost control of their wardrobe choices. That explains why Syd wore combat boots with her sequined dress. My FB friend pointed out that they appear to be dressed for three different seasons. #californiakids

Our realtor does a Santa party every year that I obsessively look forward to. It's a free Santa in a bar. There's really no competition. 
Our friends threw a Gingerbread house party for the kids. But she greeted me at the door with this ridiculousness, so there are no pictures. Trust me when I say it was worth it. That's peppermint whipped cream.
 C, Eli and I volunteered at an event where families who couldn't afford to buy Christmas presents were able to come shop for gifts. It was so, so fun and Eli was really excited about it. He's such a generous soul and he really loves stuff like this. He thanked us multiple times for letting him join, and he was actually pretty helpful. It's nice that he's old enough to participate in a meaningful way. I told him we could volunteer at different places all year and he literally jumped for joy. He may not be a turd ALL the time, despite the copious eye rolling he does.  

 All we have left is building our TJ's gingerbread A-Frame, which I'm less than enthusiastic about, and decorating cookies (see above.) I threw a surprise office party today because my staff are a bunch of party poopers typically. I was worried about it being a grumble-fest, but it went really well. I think the key to planning a low pressure work party is to not tell anyone about it, and then bring donuts.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous holiday season at your house!