Monday, January 2, 2017

Kicking off 2017

We kicked off NYE at a family sleepover that was about as stereotypical as they come. A bunch of middle-age parents minimally supervising their children between shots of tequila and dance-offs. One dad is a DJ (or has a lot of random equipment) and he set up a ridiculously large speaker, then let Eli play DJ E Skeezy all night. 

He also gifted Eli the hat, which he hasn't taken off since. It has batteries. 

Let's call this a "tequila selfie" 

I woke up like this. At a friend's house. Thankfully so did the rest of my family and we were able to leave early before I had to make small talk with last night's makeup on my face. 
Syd lost her first tooth at the party too!
We were totally useless yesterday (see tequila shots and staying up WAY too late). I binge watched almost an entire season of Shameless on my headphones and the kids ran feral. 

Today is shaping up to be much of the same. Even the tooth fairy is lazing and didn't even come until after Syd had been up for a few minutes. We're assuming the rain caused her a delay. Plus, I think the $5 was at the bottom of her bag because it was super sparkly. She's trying to decide if the sparkles will help her fly. 

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  1. That "DOPE" picture is EVERYTHING. Such a fun night. I'm a little jealous, though at the time falling asleep at 10:15 watching Call the Midwife just felt right.