Thursday, January 26, 2017

So much scouting

The boys didn't join us on the march because it was Eli's first Pinewood Derby. We joined this Pack at exactly the wrong time. It's the tail end of all the Cub Scout activities, but Boy Scouts hasn't started yet. So basically Eli started just in time to graduate. We're very proud. 
Super cheesy family picture. 
 The Arrow of Light is supposed to represent all of the work that you did during Cub Scouts. Some boys had these super full arrows, with stars and stripes and feathers and the works. Because Eli's been doing this for about three minutes, his was more "sparse." That didn't stop him from being all about it though. My favorite part was when he left his dad standing in the front of the room to bring me his pin, since "Dad got the last one." Goober. 
Guess which ones are Syd and Eli's? Hint: the ones that look like children touched them. 

 And to really drive home this phase of our lives, it's also Girl Scout cookie season. It's a lovely time that triggers every tiny piece of competitiveness in my soul, resulting in my purchasing at least $100 worth of cookies so that Syd can "earn" a pair of socks. She is quite the hustler though. She LOVES door-to-door sales and has even figured out that she can use her sister to her advantage. The two of them KILLED it. Those socks are going to look amaze-balls on her.

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