Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fasting February

I have been super burnt out at work since stepping down as big boss lady. I'm not sorry that I didn't apply for the job, but I'm just tired and having a hard time motivating myself or feeling very excited about it. As my dad said when I was whining to him, "That's about as first world problem as they get." Basically he told me to put on my big girl pants, which was about as sympathetic as he gets. It was, however, a good reminder that work is not all the things. When I get in a funk like this, I like to shake things up a bit. It gives me something to get overly involved in and reignites all those synapses. I thought about a new baby (this should tell you where my brain is) but I'm finally learning that family planning probably shouldn't be an impulse decision. We tried to get a new dog but apparently there are three types of dogs available at shelters; pit bulls, chihuahuas, and the kind of dog that gets adopted by lottery. I don't think we could pull off the two pit vibe, Atticus would eat a purse dog, and we are notoriously unlucky in lotteries. dog. I don't have time for home remodels right now (though that might be next) and our next "vacation" isn't until April. With all of my go to's out of the question, I was pretty desperate for something interesting.

I bring you FASTING FEBRUARY!! aka I'm a big follower February! Or as I'm calling it to my friends, Eating Disorder February! (not really, and eating disorders aren't funny. I know.) A friend of mine on Facebook started a Whole30 group and so I thought, why the hell not? Changing your eating habits is sure to take your mind off being bored to tears at work! And so far it's working! My coffee is gross and I think about Dove chocolate squares more than is reasonable, but I'm also pinning recipes and talking vegetables and using my brain in a non-worky way. I will say though that I will be SO MAD if I don't lose at least ten pounds. Seriously. I'll give up and have a fourth baby. And then I'll keep having babies until menopause because if I don't lose weight eating nothing but eggs and vegetables, I'm screwed. And if I'm going to be fat I may as well get some cute babies out of it.

I'm loving Averson's photobomb!
This lipstick lasted
through twelve hours and two birthday parties,
including cake and coffee.
Seriously amazeballs. 
And because I'm a follower and a crazy person and trying to pay for a new kitchen and a new vacation and all the new clothes I'm going to need at the end of EDFebruary, I also am trying to limit my extraneous spending. It's worked out pretty well since I just spent $50 on two new lipsticks (OMG. If you haven't tried LipSense you have to. This shit is AMAZING.)

So two days in and I've bought two lipsticks I didn't need, eaten seven zuchinni's in zoodle form, and lost no pounds. On the other hand, I did walk out of both Trader Joes and Target with only the things on my list which has happened exactly twice before in my life.

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  1. I love everything about this post, and that is TOTALLY my family planning logic, too.

    That lipstick is amazing-- it doesn't look dry and cakey like most long-wears. When my Feb money freeze is over I am definitely buying some. IF I CAN WAIT THAT LONG.