Friday, February 17, 2017

The week in shenanigans

And in reverse order because they loaded funny

I took a Mental Health day (because work still is not awesome) and C and I finally used up a Groupon we'd bought for a local climbing gym. The first part was a belay class. C didn't believe that I could keep him from dying, so I let him hang for a few awkward seconds. 

Faux action shot because you can't belay and selfie at the same time

I heart pretty knots

This bottle cap has been on this ledge at my gym for two weeks, so I gave him eyes. My plan is to give him accessories each time I go. Stay tuned!

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 Last minute Valentine's for the kids, brought to you by "My car overheated in the Walmart parking lot." Syd saw hers and yelled, "Can I have poop?!" 
My Valentines. All smiling and looking at the camera. At the same time!

Averson's purse. It has Pokeman cards, a wooden Santa, a glow ring, and a Paw Patrol Valentine. I love preschoolers so much!

I was invited to a "Book Buzz" by our library, where a rep from Penguin presented books coming out soon. It was so geekily fun, and I'm in the top 10 on the request lists already! 

I'm still on Whole30. I'm not sure I'm doing it right though, because I don't feel any different (better or worse.) I haven't lost any weight, which is incredibly frustrating. I don't particularly hate the food, though I do miss convenience and normalcy. We went out for lunch today at Cafe Rio and I basically ordered lettuce with chicken and a side of guac. And I ate the same spinach, chicken sausage, egg bowl for breakfast and dinner. 

The PTO Glow Dance (aka Baby Rave). Best part? The basket of highlighters that the kids were using to draw on themselves. Second best was Syd making sure that Eli was included when there weren't any of his friends there. Third was Avery running AMOK. 

I started reading Little House on the Prairie to the kids. I'm reading out of the same book I read as a kid and the pages are so loose I won't let anyone else touch it. I loved the series as a kid. I read it once as an adult and got so irritated by Pa that I was traumatized. I'm hoping this time is a better go. 

This cracks me up. We've been trying to reorganize our budget/bill pay/etc so that we can close our Wells Fargo accounts, and C has taken over the bill paying (thank God!) He doodles while he's on hold with companies. 

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  1. I love your week. I'm sorry work still stinks, but I love your sweet family and cozy life.