Thursday, June 29, 2017

My no good, very bad, horrible day

 I don't often let myself sink into the doldrums but today definitely counts as a no good, very bad day.

Because I like to quantify my feelings

1) One of my favorite work friends and the person that helps me manage a pretty stressful job had her last day today. She's going to an awesome job that she'll be great at, but she's LEAVING ME and I'm really sad about it
2) It's also my favorite custody team's last day. That means I have to start from zero with a whole new crew. It took me three years to build a great relationship with this team and now they're leaving.
3) I applied for a job I wasn't sure I wanted, but now I think maybe I didn't get it and I'm more (a lot more) upset than I thought I would be
4) My childhood home, where my mother and my wedding dress and my baby pictures still live, is currently being evacuated for wildfire. My mom says she's "pretty sure" it's safe but that's not all that reassuring.
5) I start a new class tonight. That in and of itself is not bad, but it means I have to adult for a full 16 hours today instead of going home and drinking my ice cold can of wine while I feel sorry for myself.
6) My neighbor's front yard is full of furniture that appears to be stolen from a dumpster. Like full full.
7) It's the end of the month and despite restarting (and paying for) my gym membership I've gone ONCE this month. That was the single most expensive yoga class ever. I also failed at my Whole30 and my plan to stick to a fucking budget.

I fully acknowledge that this is the epitome of first world problems but damn. I really, really want to just go home and drink cheap wine in my plastic lawn chair. But instead I'm going to surprise my students with the thrill of weekly presentation assignments and a 12 page paper.


  1. Days like this are so hard for me because on the face none of those things is terrible, but they add up so fast! And it's hard for me at least to get the sympathy I deserve. I hope class went well and you got that cold cheap wine :)

  2. That *is* a sucky day. I've had many of those recently and it really helps to vent. I hope things get easier and that that can of wine was still cold!