Saturday, May 19, 2018

Really making a name for myself

One of my office mates is that person who has several personal calls, loudly, in the shared office area. I've been live-tweeting the on-going saga of her life to C, so I'm inappropriately familiar with the stomach bug that's been making the rounds of her house. This is important because on Friday I noticed that someone had left a bottle of "Poopouri" in the bathroom stall. I thought, "Wow. She totally doesn't mind everyone here overhearing all her personal business, but at least she's conscientious about the bathroom!"  My first thought was that I needed to tell C. Even better, I could send him a picture, since I can have my phone with me now in my non-prisony office! So after I was done with what I was doing, I snapped a picture of the bottle resting daintily on the toilet seat cover dispenser. BUT, I didn't have my phone on silent, which would typically be NBD except I came out only to see another co-worker in the bathroom looking at me quizzically. It took about a millionth of a second to realize that I just got busted taking a picture in the bathroom stall. And there's no way that trying to explain was going to make it any better. My only option was to avoid eye contact and run out as fast as possible.

So now I'm the new girl in the office who takes her phone into the bathroom with her. And who takes pictures of her toilet business. And doesn't wash her hands. If you need me, I'll be hiding under my desk...

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