Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunrise, Sunset

Averson's last day of preschool was on Friday, and it was about the cutest thing ever. This one loves school so much. She is really pissed that summer is so long because she can't wait to start kindergarten. I finally got her to calm down when I promised her that I'd try to teach her to read over the summer so that she can hit the ground running in August.

She wore her very favorite dress and her fancy high heels we won't let her wear to school. When I went to take this "Look how much I've grown" picture I realized that she was wearing the same dress she wore to the first day of school. Guess she hasn't grown that much...

I thought I'd be sad to see her graduate. I kept telling myself, "This is my very last preschool graduation!" trying to will the sentimentality to the surface. But really, I'm in a place where I'm loving the ease of having bigger kids. Averson learned to tie her shoes last week (in about three seconds). Next year, all three of my kids will be in school full-time. I have loved this preschool and I adore the teachers, but I wasn't sobbing on our way out.  

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