Friday, September 14, 2018


OMG. I was so excited to have three big kids, but big kids come with a lot more activities and commitments than squishy little babies do. At least four nights a week, we have at least two different practices, at least one of which C coaches. On one night, we have two practices, Scouts, and I teach a night class. Wednesdays are a complicated dance of drop-offs, pick-ups, and throwing food at various kids in the car. It's only until the end of October, but good Lord, we drive around a lot.

So of course we thought it would be the perfect time to sell our house and simultaneously buy another one. Despite all of our assertions that we would need more time than usual to get the house cleaned up and cleared out, we usually get about an hour's notice. I often have baskets of laundry shoved in the back of my hoopty. Luckily (?) for us, we had an offer on our house in two days. zOMG. TWO DAYS. So if I think about it realistically, we should be moving out in two weeks.

As a newly minted "person who mops regularly" I cannot sing the praises of Fabuloso loud enough. Seriously guys. Dollar store. It's AMAZING. Also, I pour it down the drain right before we leave the house. 
But I'm still me, so I also recommend a giant storage trunk for a coffee table
We have an offer accepted on a MUCH bigger house (with a pool!) in an amazing neighborhood. Seriously, this neighborhood is ridiculous! It looks like a movie set. BUT, I think the last time it was updated or maintained was around the time I was born. So let the negotiations commence. Hopefully we won't be homeless (our offers are both contingent so we won't really be homeless, but this neighborhood is really really nice so I want this to work out. Fingers crossed xxx)
This works for showing the house, moving, AND being homeless

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