Monday, October 8, 2018

Legos, Wreaths, and Psychopaths

There's a very good chance we'll be moving next weekend, so we spent this past weekend, which was uncharacteristically free of any sports or obligations, milking all the leisure activities we could fit in

Saturdays are Lego Day at the library. Averson built "A security system for an evil, omnipotent lobster. It turns into a car, submarine, and helicopter and there's a precious jewel in the safe in the back." 

Eli went to a friend's house for the weekend (!) but the rest of the family agreed to go with me to a huge craft fair. I think C eventually regretted his decision, but by then we were all in. I puffy heart a good craft fair. FYI: the trend this year seems to be puffy wreaths and thermal bowl holders. In case you're on the craft fair circuit. 

We got Eli back on Sunday just in time for family pictures, and he promptly passed the fuck out when we got home. He is totally part hamster. 

I set a goal to read 60 books this year, and this weekend I passed my goal! It was fitting that my final book (Baby Teeth) was creepy AF. I actually went back to my library hold list after I finished it because I feel like maybe I need a break from psychopaths? I read the book about the Golden State Killer and I sort of fangirled a bit. I know, I know, killing and raping is wrong. But man, he was REALLY good at what he did. I think when you start appreciating the extent of someone's evilness, you need a little bit of Chick Lit in your life. But on the other hand, after I read I'll Be Gone in the Dark I've decided that my next goal is to be a true crime writer, so maybe I need to toughen up...

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  1. Baby Teeth was so unsettling! I still think about it randomly (a sign of a good book) and get creeped out al over again!