Monday, January 14, 2019

An ode to a bean bag (totally unsolicited review of Cordaroy chairs)

One of the things that made me fall in love with this house, blue carpet aside, is this amazing loft area. It really is the most perfect little space and it has amazing light. I knew that I wanted to create some kind of hang out space there but not necessarily a "play room." I have an armchair that we got in grad school (from Pier I, so fancy!) but other than that and the computer desk, we didn't have anything else that would fit. 

My first thought was a sleeper loveseat. That would solve two issues; it would give us a cozy reading spot AND would provide an extra bed for when we have guests. However, once I started researching I realized that if I wanted a sturdy, attractive sleeper sofa, it was going to be both pricey and heavy. Heavy was really the deterrent, since we were going to have to get it up the stairs and we're not as young or naive as we used to be.

Enter the Cordaroy!  I remembered seeing it on Shark Tank and on a whim decided to look it up. If you're not familiar, the chair is bean bag shaped but filled with foam pieces, and when you take the cover off they unfold to a bed. You can get anything from pillow sized footstools to a double king couch size. The cover I wanted  (Chenille in Espresso) just happened to be on sale, so all in we got a queen size bag with cover for $250.  Plus free shipping and a lifetime guarantee. I figured that even if it didn't live up to they hype it wasn't as big of a commitment as a couch. You guys. I love this beanbag chair SO MUCH. As in, I insist on showing it to people when they come over. "Welcome to our new house! I'll give you the tour, but first come see our cool chair!"

I am not at all being compensated for this review (but if they need an ambassador I'm 100% offering!), but this really is one of my favorite purchases maybe ever. This chair is seriously amazing. The cover is thick and soft, AND machine washable. The chair is super cozy, but also easy to get out of which is one of my complaints about most beanbag chairs. They offer to send more foam (for free!) if you need it, but you can see how high I sit on it as is. I think more foam would be overkill. I've napped on it with Averson and we both fit cozily. It's held up its shape to all of my heathens jumping on it. It has about the same footprint as the chair, but weighs much less so we're able to bring it downstairs for movie night. AND, the bed is awesome too! When it first arrived, the bed was about as thick as a moving blanket and I thought maybe I'd made a terrible and expensive mistake. However, once it fluffed back up it's really thick! I'd say it's probably about 16 inches high. The kids all slept on it over Christmas and it worked out great. The foam pieces do shift, so after a couple nights there were valleys and mountains but we flipped it a couple times and it all redistributed back. The company is pretty honest about the bed, saying that it's not as comfortable as a regular mattress but significantly better than an air mattress. I'd agree with that, and the added bonus is that it's not cold or bouncy like an air mattress either. And it literally takes me and C less than five minutes to get it back into the cover when the guests leave.

We've been trying to figure out what furniture to put in our as-yet-unfurnished second living room and I'm seriously considering doing the double king couch with a couple of poufs, maybe in a leather-like cover. If you need a spare bed in your house, and want a cozy seating option as well, I seriously cannot recommend Cordaroy enough. 

Do you have a Cordaroy, specifically one of the bigger ones? Do you love it as much as I do? Or do you have another product that you love so much and want to shout from the rooftops/interwebs? 

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