Sunday, March 17, 2019

Poor third baby

Averson turned SIX (16 days ago, SMH). I love this girl and her crazy little personality SO MUCH. She's constantly trying to figure things out and make connections, and her sense of humor is dry and probably inappropriate for her age. She still loves to snuggle, but only sometimes, and only on her terms. She's learning to read and to braid and practices both whenever she can. She's obsessed with Youtube toy videos, including these weird Nerly Babies from Mexico that we may be planning a Mexico trip around. She also loves the word "shit" but uses it in ways that are hard to correct (funny how many songs actually include the word "shit" these days) She gets SO mad and throws some pretty epic tantrums, but is also so sweet and loving. She's still an animal lover and jaguars, cheetahs, and leopards remain her favorite animals. She aspires to be a Rock Star and a Veterinarian when she grows up, and she'll put on charity concerts that will benefit sick animals. She is such a joy and the perfect side kick and I just love her brain an awful lot.

Birthday pic. It was also Pajama day at school so she got to rock her Wonder Woman onesie. 

Breakfast donuts

And then MOR DONUTS for her class. She had a sub that day and I can't help thinking that it may not have been a coincidence. 
For her birthday, she asked for dressers to organize her Barbie and American Girl doll clothes. She was THRILLED and I feel like I totally got one over on her. 
Instead of a party, I bought her and I tickets to see The Little Mermaid musical. It was a surprise, but when I asked her a couple days before her birthday if she wanted to know where I was taking her (because I couldn't hold it in anymore) she said NO!!! WTF?! What kind of six-year-old wants to savor the surprise?! But she did, clear up to when I took her to lunch and she had no requests other than the waiters singing her Happy Birthday. 
She was thrilled, BTW. And the play was SO GOOD. 

Happy Birthday, Stink. I think you're pretty amazing and I cannot wait to see how you rock the next year. I hope you love it, even if I still sometimes make you hold my hand.

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