Thursday, February 28, 2019

Poor Peppa

I should preface this by saying I’m not a fan of Peppa Pig. I find her...not cute and kind of pretentious? She’s on par with Caillou for me. Also I’m not super into British humor so maybe I’m missing a big component. I was always grateful that none of my kids really got into it. BUT. This poor pig family! It seems like every internet scare hoax has some tied to Peppa. That creepy bug-eyed chick is imbedded in her YouTube. She’s banned in Australia for trying to get kids killed by spiders. Watching causes autism. Her accent is causing widespread speech issues. She’s akin to the animated antichrist! Like really, if we want to scare parents shouldn’t we pick something more malicious like JoJo Seewa (F your $20 hair bows) the lady who makes the weird unboxing videos with princess dolls?

Peppa, I’m not going to suggest that my kids become fans but I will stand up for your innocence in all these allegations. Even if you really, “coincidentally” look like a dick and balls.

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  1. omg this killed me. i actually like poor hapless daddy pig, but your description at the end was too funny.