Friday, June 21, 2019

Date night

We're still trying to squeeze in semi-regular date nights and trying to branch out from the standard movie and dinner. Bingo remains a clear front-runner, but this week we finally cashed in a Groupon for a local cafe that offers movie-themed cooking classes. I booked it months ago, and then promptly forgot all about it until it popped up on my calendar last week.

We watched The Muppets and made cucumber and onion salad, Swedish meatballs, and Hassleback potatoes. Our tablemates were basically an engaged version of ourselves. We learned all the tips and tricks (parboil your salad onions to bring out their sexy lavender color and inherent sweetness!) and made a delicious dinner. I got just buzzed enough off of my ONE beer (because I'm the coolest). And C got to rock his Stormtrooper apron. We can't wait to go back :)


My one beer + his more-than-one beer =

I totally ate like a quarter of this before I remembered to take a picture, so my tablemates and I had to restyle the plate to cover the gaping hole. Look at those sexy onions!

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