Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Girl Scout Family Camp

We spent Father's Day weekend at Family Camp with the Girl Scouts and we had SO MUCH FUN. I always fantasized about going to camp. Every summer I would wistfully review the catalogues that got sent to our house for tennis camp, horseback riding camp, camp camp, and wish that I could pack up a footlocker with items carefully selected off of the packing list. I'd make great lifelong friends, write postcards, and my mom would send me care packages. It would basically be the plotline of the Baby-Sitter's Club Super Special. But alas. My only camp experience was going with a school friend and her mom to visit our PE teacher, who was working at tennis camp for the summer. It wasn't until adulthood that it dawned on me 1) why we would do that 2) why her dad was so mad when we got home, and 3) why her mom and our teacher needed "private time" in her cabin while my friend and I slept on the floor of the girls' cabin.

But I digress...

Like I said, we had so much fun at camp. We took our little tribe of families, plus one set of grandparents, and took over an entire campsite. The girls all slept in one tent together, and no one freaked out and the girls actually went to sleep at a relatively normal time. The adults had a blast hanging out together and doing the camp activities. C even talked all the girls, and one of the dads, into doing a polar plunge on Father's Day morning. My highlight was hitting a bullseye on my first shot in archery while C was canoeing with the littles, and having another dad tell him about it by saying "be careful, she can probably kill you stealthily." And then I got a bullseye patch because, Girl Scouts.
Men Enough to Girl Scout


Fire Building with six year olds. It's basically survival of the fittest at this point. 
We took a hike to the original cabin and did art on some very cliff-y rocks.
She was really living her best camp life
Prepping for Polar Plunge

Syd at the archery range. She got a bullseye too! 

And one of the only pictures I'm in from the weekend. I call it "Camp Mom through Averson's eyes (and thumb)" Also, WTF is wrong with my hair and why didn't I put a damn hat on? But isn't my coffee mug cute? It's a Yeti and I love it with all of my heart.

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