Thursday, August 15, 2019

First day of school!!

First day of school! This one snuck up on us and I just barely managed to get the kids the basic supplies and new shoes. But we made it, even if Averson changed her outfit at the very last moment and went to school in dirty sport shorts. She (and her parents) were really worried about her class assignment since it’s a two-teacher class and Averson hates inconsistency. Luckily, i was able to catch the teachers and introduce her before the bell. By the time school started she was totally settled and holding her teacher’s hand. Syd agonized over her outfit once she realized it was going to be 105, but decided to push through. You can’t tell, but she painted cacti on her nails to match her shirt. #beautyispain. Eli is so big that I felt like I was sending him off to work. And there’s no picture, but since C is working for the school district now, it was sort of his first day too! 

Will you look at how cute they are?! Eighth grade, fourth grade, and first grade. 

I took the day off since, with the commute, it would’ve been silly to go to work after seeing everyone off. My mom had appointments this morning, so I spent the first day of school in a blissfully quiet house, checking in on work intermittently between reading and not-quite-napping in silence. I also booked our first housekeeping appointment, found a pool guy, and handled some home maintenance appointments because I’m incapable of lazing for too long. It was glorious. 

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