Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Random happys

This has been sitting in my drafts for a week waiting for captions. More has happened since, including the loveliest, most lazy long weekend, but adding those in would make this post longer and would probably set me back another week :/ 
C took Averson and Eli backpacking and while I was so jealous I could taste it, they had an awesome time! Seven miles each way!

A friend texted me a couple weeks ago "I have a dead lizard for Averson to dissect if she wants it?" and the fact that that happened is either the coolest or absolute weirdest thing about our family

Syd and I did a shopping marathon while everyone was out in the woods. We took the chance to go to IKEA without all the people who loudly protest anytime we're there. The line was SUPER long but inside was very socially distant. Also, I bought a dress and matching mask at Target and changed in the parking lot because I loved them so much

My library holds/curbside pickups are getting kind of ridiculous

We accidentally ordered this custom sign from a friend and I love it with all of my heart. It really captures the essence of our days. 

Gratuitous Taco Shot (can't wait to see the google stats on that one!) 

Guys? Shit's getting kind of weird these days. I thought about asking Averson what was happening here, but I'm not sure there's a situation that would make this less troubling

My hair has gotten a bit out of control. It's so long now that the curlers aren't super effective. I tried rolling it overnight in a ponytail on top of my head. Spoiler alert: It did NOTHING but I kind of like this look. It's weird though, right? 

I love my Saturday morning deck coffee ritual so, so much. Like, I sometimes set my alarm to make sure I'm up before everyone else. 

My final happy: This family portrait that Averson drew for Art Class. I'm thinking about embroidering it and hanging it on the wall in our new office space. I love it so much :) 



  1. 1. I accidentally order things all the time
    2. the barbies!!!!!! dying.

  2. Oh so lovely happy things! And some of those actual things are super awesome: That dress-mask combo! That sign! That portrait <3