Monday, September 14, 2020

Sunday “Fun”day

Between the heat, the smoke, and the ‘rona we’ve been SUPER homebound lately. This Sunday Syd, my mom and I decided to head to a cute little town in the foothills, hoping for a little less smoke and a much needed diversion. We busted out the surgical masks (more for smoke than COVID) and went treasure hunting

On our way home, I felt like I couldn’t get off the drunk bumps. Nope. 100% blew out my tire. Thank goodness I was able to get off the highway because there was a ton of traffic that would’ve made losing control a lot more exciting. 

On the side of the highway I was starting to reassess my decision to wear a cutesy dress and sandals for our day out. Pretty quick though we were joined by a highway patrol officer, who did not agree that my decision to pull off into the center median was the best one. He also did not agree when I explained that I was capable of changing my tire. He was pretty adamant, and I was wearing a new dress, so it seemed most prudent to hold off on confronting the patriarchy. He put my mom and Syd in his car, seatbelts on, and had me keep watch. His exact words were, “Stand there. Watch Lane one. If you see anything, yell and then jump over the guard rail.” 

I took my task VERY seriously

They did not

Once we were back on the road, we treated ourselves with patio drinks and burgers. Totally worth it and so lovely to eat food I didn’t cook on a patio that didn’t have my dogs or my junk on it. Not even a near death car situation could bring us down from a much needed day out! 


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