Thursday, March 18, 2021

Back to School

 We got word this week that our school district is eligible to return to in-person learning. The kids are thrilled and I'm freaking out. Now that all of the adults in our house have gotten both of their shots, I feel much less worried about COVID. Teachers have all been able to get vaccinated. We've ironed out many of the issues that were impacting the kids' well-being but Eli especially really needs to get back into traditional school. But also the logistics of the school's plan is so ridiculous that even with three driving adults and one quasi-responsible teenager, I have no idea how we're going to manage. The kids are going back to school, two days a week, for two hours a day. Thank God that at least they're all in the same cohort so it's the same days, but of course all three schools (the girls, C's, and the high school) have slightly different start times and VERY strict guidelines on how long kids can be on campus before and after school. 

We'll get it figured out. I'm aware of the ridiculous privilege that we have in that we DO have three driving adults (one who works in the schools), flexible schedules, and kids who are old enough to contribute. I absolutely cannot imagine how a more conventional family would make this work without have to spend half their paycheck on aftercare or a nanny. 

The kids on the other hand, are thrilled. Even Syd, who got her anxiety from her mama and has a thing about germs, can't wait to get back to class. We're celebrating this weekend with new back-to-school outfits (more for my own reputation preservation but don't tell them that), new masks, and shiny new hand sanitizers. For those of you who's kids have already gone back, any tips? I can only imagine how weird and overwhelming it might be to be back in the classroom after a full year. Your teacher has legs!!! 

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  1. That's a logistically crazy back-to-school schedule!
    I'm sure the school is telling you this already, but my advice is to make sure to send in a water bottle because the drinking fountains are (or should be) off limits. And depending on your current supply you are likely to need more masks. You need to have 2 for each day per kid, times however long between your washer loads (assuming the kids' masks are cloth).